Level 1 Tactical Tracking

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  •  25 July, 2022 - 29 July, 2022
     08:00 - 17:00

Instructor: Mike Hull,  www.Hull’sTrackingSchool.com

Location: 54 College Dr. Marion, NC 28752

Welcome to Tactical Tracking

Be prepared to spend 70% of your time in the field regardless of weather conditions. This is a tactical course involving strenuous activity so you must be reasonably fit to participate.

Materials needed consist of;

  • Issued long gun
  • Field uniform-camouflage or plain colored  (not black)
  • Hat (preferably bonnie style)
  • Boots  (must be broken in well)
  • Water bladders or canteens
  • Rain gear
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • GPS,& or compass
  • Load bearing or tactical vest, daypack, or fanny pack
  • Camo face paint or head net and gloves
  • Personal first aid equipment.


First two days builds individuals basic tracking knowledge and skills

  • Ability to properly articulate tracking and foot impression evidence in a court of law
  • Determine number of persons involved
  • May disprove an incident even happened all together
  • Determine or eliminate suspects at the scene by Finding,
  • Documenting and Interpreting Footprint Evidence
  • Find and/or Eliminate Directions of Travel
  • Extend Crime Scenes
  • Find Evidence away from the scene
  • Perimeter security
  • Intelligence gathering/reconnaissance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Effective in Recovering armed and dangerous fugitives in rural areas
    Tracking compliments and enhances a canine handler’s mission. *The lack of tracks is evidence in itself
  • Tactical acuity has been proven more effective in finding trip wires and IED’s than all the current technology in use.
  • Anti-tracking techniques may be used for: counter tracking, hiding remote intelligence gathering equipment, recon operations, sniper hides and surveillance sites,
  • A basic knowledge of tracking and foot impression evidence aids in; prompting confessions, provides physical evidence for convictions and enhances Officer Safety.
  • We can all be taught the value of tracks, tracking and basic tracking skills to some degree; to become a “Tracker” takes time and commitment the same as any other specialized skill.


Day three through five students learn to track as a team in a tactical situation. 

  • Most effective and safest techniques for locating dangerous subjects in a rural environment
  • Rules of a tactical team
  • Preliminary onsite investigations
  • Formations and zones of responsibility
  • Team movements
  • Hand signals
  • Encounter action drills
  • Characteristics of the cover shoot
  • Team lost spoor procedures


Mike Hull
171 River View Lane
Faber VA 22938

www.HullsTrackingSchool.com < Caution-http://www.VITALELLC.com >

cell   434 996 3639


MANTA training is provided free of charge to Law Enforcement Officers through a Governor’s Crime Commission Grant and the NC National Guard Counterdrug Program.
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