NVG Familiarization course

  •  06 February, 2024 - 07 February, 2024
     08:00 - 17:00

Location: 8605 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte, NC 28269

Day 2 will be located at 239 Wing Dr. Statesville, NC 28625

Length: February 6 – 7 | 8am – 5pm (Course will run until 930pm on Feb 7)

Fee:  There is no fee for this training

Meals / Lodging:  Agency or Individual responsibility

Description: Two days of NVG training accelerates students through a class on theory, principles, use, and inner workings of night vision goggles, followed by practical exploration of topics covered in class. Mod 3 provides students the experience and understanding of how to use all visible and infrared energy tools on the flat range.

Recommended to use your duty gear. Course requires students to bring:

  • 100% understanding of safe weapons manipulation in low, zero visibility
  • Body Armor
  • Helmet
  • NVGs (that are helmet mountable)
  • Pistol and rifle mounted optics that are zeroed
  • Infrared rifle mounted LASERs
  • Handheld Flashlight
  • Weapon mounted flashlight for both weapons
  • Batteries for all equipment
  • Water, food, appropriate clothing, headlamp
  • 3 mags for each weapon that can be secured with retention
  • 500 rds Pistol, 1000 rds Rifle
  • Clear eye protection and hearing protection

Tuition is covered by the Florida Counterdrug Program. Class size is limited. Course is restricted to MIL and LE. To register go to this link https://bit.ly/NCCD24

MANTA training is provided free of charge to Law Enforcement Officers through a Governor’s Crime Commission Grant and the NC National Guard Counterdrug Program.

For more information or to receive help in registering for a class, contact us at:
984-664-6045/ 704-400-9960