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  •  07 May, 2024 - 10 May, 2024
     08:00 - 17:00

Operational Skills and Survival Tactics (OSST) May 7-10, 2024

Onlsow County Sheriffs Office 717 Court St, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Fee:  There is no fee for this course.

Length: 4 days (40 Hours)

Designed For: Sworn law enforcement and corrections officers – federal, state, or local.

Prerequisites: Attendees must be sworn NC law enforcement

Lodging, Meals and Incidentals:   Responsibility of the officer or agency

Instructor:  Blue Ridge Marksmanship

Description:  This hands-on three (4) day (40) hour course focuses on eight essential disciplines needed for increased safety and survival. OSST emphasizes the primary physical and emotional framework necessary for longevity as an officer.

Course curriculum includes:

  1. Injured officer/ Tactical medical considerations
  2.  Tactical Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship. This segment includes pistol and rifle manipulation and marksmanship training. 
  3.  Breaching. This portion exposes the learner to room entry techniques, manual and ballistic breaching, and room clearing techniques. There is no one way to engage in these activities, so the student will be exposed to some of the various techniques available.
  4.  Close Quarter Battle. Students will learn defensive and offensive skills for scenarios ranging from conflicts within vehicles to open area threats.
  5.  Edged Weapons. (Offense and Defense) Students will be given a brief primer which includes demo’s and practical exercises.
  6.  Counter Surveillance. Students will learn basic counter-surveillance techniques including: surveillance detection routes, situational awareness, evasive movement.
  7. Combat Mindset. The instructor will discuss the mindset needed for survival.
  8. Low visibility operations. Planning and executing operations under low light/limited illumination.

Attire & Equipment: Comfortable field attire is encouraged. This class is geared toward officers performing in their duty environment, so feel free to wear what you work in.

Packing List as follows:
Duty Pistol with holster with min 3 mags
Duty AR-15 with min 3 mags
700 Pistol Rounds (range ammunition)
500 AR-15 Rounds (range ammunition)
Duty Gear / Uniform
Plate Carrier if issued
Hand Held Light
Weapon Mounted light Pistol/AR-15 (Optional)
Spare Batteries
Hearing Protection
Eye Protection
Water bottle(s)
Extra Unit Patch (will explain at the end of day one)
Knee pads (optional)
Lubrication for pistol/ AR-15
Tourniquet (Please bring both your issued TQ and if you can get a training TQ bring that as well.) We will have some training for students to borrow.

MANTA training is provided free of charge to Law Enforcement Officers through a Governor’s Crime Commission Grant and the NC National Guard Counterdrug Program.
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